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Sila landscape is spiritual and suggestive but, with panoramas inspiring meditation, Sila offers precious products of quality.Fattoria Sila is a company that produces hot sauces, patè, stuffing vegetables, jams, mushrooms and spices: the result of a strong alimentary tradition linked with the territory and of an accurate craftwork with the highest respect of production’s rules

The handcraft working, the careful selection of calabrian base produce and the controls of row, guarantee the authenticity and the high quality of production lines created for Calabrian gastronomy lovers

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Sweet And Sour Red Onions From Tropea, 314 ml in Extra Vergin Olives Oil

cod. Cipolle Rosse di Tropea in Agrodolce 314 ml
made in Italy
shipping days: within 1 week


Red onions from Tropea in Extra Vergin Olives Oil and vinegar

Ideal as appetizer

Ingredients: red onions, wine, vinegar, sugar, salt. Acidity regulator: citric acid, ascorbic acid

The shape of its bulbs, of a deep purple color, vary from round to oval to elongated. The onion’s extraordinary sweetness, its delicate scent, its lightness and enjoyable taste, which derive from the morphological peculiarities of the soil and microclimate where it is grown, make it a much sought after ingredient by gourmets and chefs.

As if its wonderful taste wasn’t enough, the Tropea onion has proven health benefits, known since ancient times. Pliny the Elder, in his “Naturalis Historia”, lists 30 ailments that can be treated with the onion, and medical science has confirmed its healing powers.

Recent studies have shown that the Tropea onion, because of its high quality, seem to provide better therapeutic functions than other varieties, especially diuretic, hypoglycemic, and anticancer functions. In addition, it has antiseptic properties, it can alleviate both cold and flu symptoms, it strengthens the cells and tone the arteries, it lowers blood pressure, and it is also used in dermatology.

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